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Skin Tags Toronto

Frequently asked questions about skin tags

Anyone who wants to book a skin tag removal procedure will likely be a good candidate. However, pregnant women should consider waiting until after they've finished breastfeeding to have a skin tag removed. In some cases, skin tags that grew during pregnancy may disappear once hormone levels rebalance.

Skin tags can occur individually or in clusters and range in colour and size. Most are under five millimeters, but some can grow larger than a few centimeters. Depending on their location, they can become irritated and inflamed.

A thorough consultation with Dr. Yadav at Facet Dermatology will allow us to assess your skin's condition and determine the most effective skin tag removal options for you and your unique needs.

Generally speaking, skin tag removal treatments require minimal downtime and recovery is comfortable, though individual results may vary. All patients receive specific aftercare instructions related to their unique procedures.

In some cases, your doctor may suggest keeping the treated area uncovered as it heals, while in others, it may be recommended to keep the wound dressed. Regardless, it should be kept clean and touched as little as possible, only with clean hands. To prevent irritation or improper healing, do not use any drying products or treatments on the wound, such as alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or antibacterial soaps.

If you received cryotherapy treatment to remove skin tags, the liquid nitrogen will likely cause a blister to develop in the treated area. This may cause minor discomfort for several days.

A scab may form after skin tag removal. Do not pick at it, as this could result in scarring. Let it fall off on its own.

To learn more about how the team at Facet Dermatology can help you treat skin tags or other skin conditions, contact us to book a consultation today. During your consultation, Dr. Yadav can answer any questions you may have and create a treatment plan tailored to your unique concerns and aesthetic goals.

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