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Body Contouring Toronto

Recovery + Results

Each of the body contouring procedures offered at Facet Dermatology require different amounts of downtime as the healing processes are all unique, but you won't need to avoid human contact! For the most part, our treatments allow you to resume regular activities immediately.

Emsculpt NEO is unique in that it requires absolutely no downtime whatsoever. You can safely book your treatment for your lunch hour, then go back to work with zero discomfort. A few hours after your treatment, you may feel a bit sore, but nothing painful — it will just feel like you completed a strenuous workout. You'll see the final results of your treatment series after several months, by which point you'll have eliminated the destroyed fat cells.

Dermal filler treatments offer minimal downtime other than standard injectable-associated swelling, bruising, and redness at the treatment site. It will take several months to see the collagen and elastin production stimulated by these injectables.

Because some patients take prescription pain medication ahead of their Ultherapy treatment, they may require someone to take them home afterwards. Otherwise, the typical side effects you can expect from this collagen production-boosting treatment are tenderness, numbing, and bruising, which may resolve as quickly as a few days; the final results will be apparent after a few months.

As mentioned, the results of most non-invasive body contouring procedures are temporary. However, when you destroy fat cells with Emsculpt NEO, those fat cells can never return. That is not to say that you can no longer gain weight or that the shape of your body won't change again after the non invasive treatment series.

Fat reduction treatments are not weight loss procedures. To achieve lasting body slimming results from Emsculpt NEO, it's recommended you maintain a healthy lifestyle, minimize new weight gain, and schedule maintenance treatments every six months after your first treatment series.

Body contouring without surgery can be a valuable tool in your aesthetic arsenal. If you have more questions about body contouring, book an initial consultation at Facet Dermatology. During your appointment, we'll be able to address any concerns, thoroughly explain our body contouring offerings, and customize a proposed treatment plan to your unique goals.

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