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Excel V Toronto

Recovery and Results

Not only is a laser treatment using Excel V quite quick (usually only about 20 minutes!), the downtime is minimal. Post procedure, most patients can immediately return to normal activities, as well as apply makeup.

Depending on the strength of your treatment and the concern your provider is treating (like more stubborn vessels), you may experience side effects like swelling. When addressing smaller areas, swelling might be especially noticeable. Depending on your unique circumstance, your provider may suggest using a topical steroid to help reduce inflammation.

Another potential side effect from a more potent treatment is bruising. In some cases, bruising can last for several weeks. Because this laser treatment doesn't break the skin, you can safely apply makeup to the treated area, but if you are concerned about this possible side effect, discuss it with your Facet Dermatology provider during your consultation.

Unlike other treatments used for vascular lesions, such as pulsed dye laser, Excel V can fully correct the appearance of these common skin concerns with just one or two treatments. Keep in mind that individual results will vary; some issues may take more treatments to resolve. Your provider will be able to determine how many treatments you'll require during your consultation.

More superficial concerns may be visibly improved in just one week. More often, however, you'll see the outcome of an Excel V treatment session within two to six weeks. For deeper issues, it may take up to a few months to see your final results, though you'll likely see significant improvement throughout that window of time.

You may not see permanent results from Excel V laser treatment. To maintain the outcome and stave off facial redness, consider booking a maintenance appointment approximately three years after your initial course of treatment.

Excel V is just one of many laser treatments we offer at Facet Dermatology. We encourage you to book a consultation today, during which our skilled team can develop a treatment plan utilizing Excel V or other lasers customized to your particular case, unique skin concerns, and ultimate aesthetic goals.

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