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Dermal Filler Toronto

Recovery & Results

Unlike treatment with neuromodulators, you don't have to wait around to see the results of your filler treatment: The payoff from dermal filler injections is instant. It is normal to feel “firmness” at the injection site for a few days after treatment. This area will soften and settle into place over time, leaving you with a soft and natural look. Results of your treatment may take up to 14 days to take full effect.

There is little or no downtime recovery required after getting treatment facial fillers and you can return to most day-to-day activities immediately, though we recommend you avoid lying down and participating in any strenuous exercise right after your appointment to minimize discomfort. If you're going back to the office or to your home once you've left our office, however, you'll basically be able to carry on with life as usual.

The most common side effect of soft tissue fillers like Juvederm injection treatments is swelling. This is natural — it's your body's inflammatory response — and can last for a week or so. One of the best ways to reduce swelling is by sleeping elevated after your treatment. This will help any excess fluids drain and accelerate recovery. Drinking plenty of water can also help.

Another normal side effect is mild bruising at the treatment site, which can last for about a week after your injections. To minimize these effects, be cautious when taking blood-thinning medication ahead of treatment (this includes aspirin, ibuprofen, and supplements like fish oil). You should also avoid drinking alcohol in the 24 hours before your treatment as alcohol can also thin the blood. If you're on prescription blood-thinning medication, talk to your general physician, who can give you medical advice based on your specific health conditions.

Hold off on raising your blood pressure for at least 24 hours after your treatment with injectable fillers (we know, easier said than done). That's because increased blood pressure and flushing skin can increase your risk of bruising. This includes strenuous workouts and excessive heat (including participating in hot yoga or sitting in a steam room or sauna). Do your best to stay cool after your treatment.

Another thing to be cognizant of post-procedure is displacing your filler. While you shouldn't worry too much about this — sleeping on your face won't have any negative effects — you should not book any facials, massages, wear swim goggles (yes, really), or give yourself a gua sha treatment for at least two weeks after your dermal filler procedure. Filler needs time to settle where it's injected. Once you've passed that two-week mark, you'll be able to resume treatments or activities that may cause facial manipulation without worrying about your filler shifting.

Beyond careful prep for your procedure, you can help minimize mild bruising and swelling by applying an ice pack or cold compress to the injection area once you've been treated to help relieve and soothe any discomfort. Be sure to make sure you've effectively wrapped it a soft cloth. You want to avoid directly touching your skin with the cold item of choice. Skin is a very delicate organ; holding ice, frozen peas, and other objects directly to the skin could cause irritation and potential tissue damage.

Remember that you should always seek out a skilled and well-trained provider to perform your filler treatments. All aesthetic procedures come with risks and side effects, and those are heightened when administered by an inexperienced provider — and not all dermal fillers Toronto practitioners are qualified to administer injectables. Patients who book their facial filler treatments are in safe hands. Dr. Geeta Yadav is deeply experienced and highly trained and can deliver natural results with little risk.

While they both use a fine needle and are temporary, prescription treatments to help improve the appearance of severe wrinkles and fine lines, soft tissue fillers (like Juvederm injections) and neuromodulators like Botox work differently.

Injectable fillers, such as Juvederm fillers, help restore lost volume by adding an injectable gel (typically made with the naturally occurring substance hyaluronic acid) under the skin. By plumping up the skin, facial folds get smoothed out. It can also enhance and define facial features — for example, create fuller lips or more chiseled cheekbones. Juvederm injections like Volite add extra hydration to the skin, which can help blur the appearance of fine lines and acne scarring. The results of facial fillers can last anywhere from six months to two years, depending on certain factors.

Botox and other neuromodulators help reduce movement in the muscles that create facial expressions, limiting their ability to contract and create lines in the skin. As the treatment sets in, your skin's texture becomes smoother, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Neuromodulator treatment tends to last about three or four months.

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