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How Fraxel laser works

How Fraxel laser works

Fraxel laser treatment is a great way to make your skin look younger and smoother by reducing wrinkles, scars, and other skin issues without having to go through big surgeries. As more and more people look for new ways to keep their skin looking young, you may find yourself wondering just how Fraxel laser treatment works. Whether you’re thinking about trying it or just want to know more about it, our guide is here to help answer any questions you might have about this modern skin care treatment!

What is Fraxel laser treatment?

Fraxel laser treatment is a non-invasive, fractional laser therapy used to improve the appearance of the skin. This procedure targets aging and sun-damaged skin with microscopic laser columns that penetrate deep into the skin to help the body produce new collagen. Unlike traditional laser therapy, which treats the whole skin surface, Fraxel treatment targets only a fraction of the skin at a time, allowing for faster healing and less downtime.

How does Fraxel laser treatment work?

Fraxel laser is kind of like a magic wand that works by targeting only specific parts of the skin at a time. It makes thousands of tiny laser spots called microthermal treatment zones in the skin. These spots go deep enough to really improve how your skin looks but don’t mess with the skin around them, so you heal faster than with traditional laser therapy. This smart laser can be adjusted for intensity, depth, and coverage to safely fix different skin problems with minimal risk.


Fraxel laser goes deep into the skin and kick-starts the body’s own fix-it-up process, making new collagen. This new collagen is like a magic ingredient that helps smooth out wrinkles and scars, making the skin feel and look smoother and nicer.

What does a Fraxel treatment target?

Fraxel laser treatment works for a variety of skin concerns, including:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles, such as crow’s feet and brow lines
  • Surface scarring, helping to reduce the appearance of acne scars and surgical scars
  • Pigmentation, including age spots, sunspots, and melasma
  • Actinic keratosis, a common pre-cancerous skin condition
  • Improving the overall texture, tone, and pore size of the skin

What is the treatment process for Fraxel laser?

Getting Fraxel laser treatment is a process with a few steps to make sure it’s safe, doesn’t hurt too much, and works well. While individual experiences may vary based on the specific treatment goals and skin conditions, here is a general overview of what to expect during the Fraxel laser treatment process:


The process begins with a consultation with a skin doctor or a skincare expert. They check out your skin, talk about what you want to fix, and decide if this laser therapy treatment is right for you. If yes, they’ll plan out your treatment.

Day of Fraxel Laser Treatment 

On the day of the treatment, they clean your skin well to get rid of any makeup, oil, or dirt. Then, a topical numbing cream is applied to your skin to make sure you don’t feel much pain. This cream sits for about 30 to 60 minutes. The Fraxel machine is then used on your skin. It makes tiny laser marks that help your skin start healing itself by making new collagen. This part can last from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on how big the area they’re working on is.

How long do the effects of Fraxel laser treatment last?

How long the effects from a Fraxel laser treatment last can really change from person to person. It depends on what kind of skin problems they’re fixing (like wrinkles, scars, or dark spots), how strong the treatments are, and how many times they’ve been treated. Usually, your improved, better-looking skin from Fraxel can last for several years. But it’s important to remember that this treatment doesn’t stop the aging process or new skin problems from popping up.

What is the recovery process like after a Fraxel laser treatment?

After you get Fraxel laser treatment, what happens next can change a bit based on how strong your treatment was, where you got treated, and how your body heals. Here’s a basic idea of what to expect:

Right After Treatment

Right after the treatment, the area that got treated will probably look red and feel swollen, kind of like you got a sunburn. This feeling can last for a few days, but how long it takes to feel better depends on how intense your treatment is. Your skin might also feel sore or sensitive when you touch it for a bit.

First Week

Your skin starts healing, and you might see it peeling or flaking off. This is just your skin getting rid of the damaged stuff, so don’t pick at it. You might also notice tiny dots on your skin where the laser was used, but these will fade as your skin gets better.

Next Few Weeks

In the weeks after, as your skin keeps healing and making new collagen, you’ll start to see your skin looking and feeling nicer. You might need more Fraxel treatments to get the results you want, and these are usually done at least 4-6 weeks apart.

Post-Treatment Care Tips

  • Keep your skin moist: Use hydrating, gentle moisturizers that don’t irritate your skin. 
  • Stay out of the sun: To avoid getting dark spots, slather on sunscreen with a high SPF and wear hats or clothes that cover you up for extra shield.
  • Skip some skincare stuff: Stay away from products with strong ingredients like retinoids (Vitamin A) or acids.
  • Take it easy: Avoid skincare that can make your skin breakout or activities that make you sweat a lot.


How long does it take for Fraxel laser to work?

Visible improvements appear a few weeks after treatment, with full effects noticeable 3 to 6 months later, depending on the number of treatments.

Does Fraxel laser actually work?

Yes, Fraxel laser effectively treats wrinkles, scarred skin, and pigmentation and improves skin texture and tone, with results backed by clinical studies.

What happens to the skin after Fraxel laser treatment?

Post-Fraxel, skin initially shows redness and swelling, then peels or flakes as it heals. Over weeks to months, it regenerates, producing new collagen and healthy skin tissue.

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