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Mole Removal Toronto

Frequently asked questions about mole removal

Mole removal is an effective solution for men and women looking to remove unwanted moles anywhere on the body.

+ Quick & easy treatments

+ Comfortable treatments

+ Safe & effective

+ Little to no downtime

The results of your mole removal will be immediate.

Recovery time differs depending on the treatment used, and will also vary depending on the location, size, and depth of the mole. In general, the healing process from mole removal can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. As the area heals, you may feel some pain, soreness, or itching which should subside as healing progresses.

We recommend you keep the treated area dry on the day of treatment, after which you can keep the area clean with soap and water; pat to dry. If you’re using a bandage, change it daily and apply Polysporin ointment or Vaseline for one to two weeks. If you have stitches, avoid taking a bath or swimming for four days; showers are fine. Once healed, apply sunscreen to the area daily.

Whether or not your procedure causes scarring depends entirely on how you're getting your mole removed. Shave excisions, which are also a common choice for skin tag removal, consist of using a thin blade to slice away the mole. This cosmetic mole removal treatment is simple, completely painless, and leaves minimal scaring.

Surgically excising the scar is more likely to cause scarring as stitches are necessary. With this form of mole removal, the mole is cut out at the root with a scalpel.

In rare cases, moles do grow back after mole removal treatment. Moles grow back when not all the cells of the mole are removed. Because surgical excision removes the mole in its entirety, you're less likely to see a mole return after this procedure.

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